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Regarding phone appointments;

The incoming call will be a blocked/private number, please answer as this is your doctor calling.

Please be aware that the appointment time is an approx. time frame. Please be ready and available 10 minutes prior to your appointment and 15 minutes past your appointment time.

We are unable to regulate the length that some appointments may take which places the doctor ahead or behind schedule. Please keep this in mind and be respectful of time while discussing your health with the doctor.

This is a unique and accessible way to speak to your doctor on your time that we are happy to provide to you. Please ensure that the number you would like called is the number you have given. The ownership must be taken on your part to be available at the stated time frames to answer the call. The doctor is remarkably busy and wants to be a positive part of your health, but in order to do so we cannot waste any ones time.

If you have missed your appointment, you will be responsible to call or email the office for the next available, so please understand the importance of answering the call.

I will teleconference with my patients from home, and continue as always to evaluate blood work, consultation reports, diagnostic imaging reports notifications of admission and discharge, answer messages and do prescription repeats. 

We can discuss your health via telephone, for diabetic visits, routine follow up of hypertension and lung disease, and for psychological and psychiatric conditions.  Right now, the plan is for me to call you directly at or near your appointed time. I've found out I can run just as late or early as before...thank you for your patience in advance.

If you can, email us at:  for any request of telephone appointments, Isabella or Amber will arrange these and I will call you back around that time at the number you provide on the email [in case you have not updated your phone number with us].

You can also email us to book a new telephone appointment. Please ensure you give us an up to date contact number, as well allow 48 hours for a reply.

You may also call the office during regular business hours Monday-Thursday 9-1130 and 1-430, to book a telephone conference.  Be sure and update your contact information. I think you can see the pattern here about the contact number. 

Please be advised that in using this email,  you consent to provide confidential medical information using virtual and other telecommunication tools. Further, care provided to you through video, email and audio can not replace the need for physical examination or an in person visit in some situations. We advise you to seek urgent care in a through  the Ganaraska FHO evening clinic or telehealth Ontario.  For emergencies, activate the Emergency Medical System by dialing 9-1-1.You further understand that there is a risk of unauthorized disclosure of personal information through email, although we strictly limit access to these emails to Dr. Azzopardi and his employees.


Please view our website for more information

PLEASE TRY NOT DO NOT DO NOT USE THE EMAIL FOR ANOTHER PURPOSE SUCH AS REQUESTING PRESCRIPTION REPEATS. Ask your pharmacy to fax us the request, and we will respond in up to five business days. I DO NOT REGARD GMAIL AS SECURE, SO PLEASE DO NOT PUT PERSONAL HEALTH DETAILS INTO YOUR EMAIL. Even though there are now allowances made for loss of privacy with non secure methods of communication, your confidentiality and privacy are still very important.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule. If you have a picture of a rash, or a video, you may upload that in the email. Please remember that gmail isn't a very secure system, so be careful what you divulge. That being said, pictures and videotapes, within reason, have been really helpful to me in figuring out what's going on.  Isabella or Amber will reach out to you for a time for us to chat on the phone.  I can't get to them immediately. Pictures of your cat are not that welcome... that's what the internet is for.

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