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I am trying to make myself as available as I can to you during these challenging times. 

Ways to contact the office can be done through email   

or call the office at 905 885-6712 during office hours.

My son the lawyer wants you to know:*

Please be advised that in using this email,  you consent to provide confidential medical information using virtual and other telecommunication tools. Further, care provided to you through video, email and audio can not replace the need for physical examination or an in person visit in some situations. We advise you to seek urgent care in a through  the Ganaraska FHO evening clinic or telehealth Ontario.  For emergencies, activate the Emergency Medical System by dialing 9-1-1.You further understand that there is a risk of unauthorized disclosure of personal information through email, although we strictly limit access to these emails to Dr. Azzopardi and his employees.


*Scott does not know about this... it's a kitschy way of easing you into the disclaimer. But he's a good son and lawyer and I know he'd want to have his Dad's back on this one.

If you are unsure if you are infected or have a condition that may need to be seen in the Emergency Department, I would be happy to help. Nobody wants to go near NHH at this point unless it is for good reason. If it is a true emergency, then call 911 or use your best judgement.

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